понедельник, 30 сентября 2013 г.

Good morning!

I think humans are very slow. They don't know how to have real fun! they need to be more energetic (esp when it's cold)
I mean. Ones you wake up, you play. Ones you play you are happy.
That's way I'd love to keep my toys as close to them as possible. Yes on the bed. Yes right before they wake up.
I don't know why they put us off the bed. I meaning only good.

среда, 11 сентября 2013 г.

When our parents are not around

When our parents are not around we sleep more and play more at thesame  time. It depends on who's in charge of us.
We sleep on pillows and we sleep in cars. Did I ever told you that the best way is simply to lay under the blanket doing pretty much nothing but your sleep? Let me tell you a secret: it's awesome but keep your brother's fat ass as far from your face as possible

понедельник, 2 сентября 2013 г.

Clothes keeper

I hate it when they leave us alone. I mean our parents is doing right now. On a trip right. Well, at least they didn't take us with them. You know all of this Spain thing from their honeymoon. Nightmare! but at least we have some fun while they try to pack the bags. Tons of stuff, tons of fun.
And yes they try to store us on shelves.
Do you think it's funny? Hell it is. If you are not canine (it means dog just in case)
oh and I'm pretty, right?